Es el sonido de su mundo derrumbándose._______________________________________
Habt ihr das gehört?___________________________________
Das ist der Klang ihrer Welt die zusammenbricht._______________________________________
Did you hear it?_________________________________________
It is the Sound of their world collapsing.

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vtgnike - hi-fashion - dubna (2014)


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In Denmark, I often felt a bit ridiculed as a female composer. Even my own husband was bothered by my creating music. One might say that I was doubly isolated in Danish composer circles, partly as a composer of electronic music, partly as a woman. – Else Marie Pade.

Else Marie Pade was born in Denmark in 1924. During the early 50s she became the first Danish composer of electronic music and Musique concrète.

While Denmark was not interested by Else’s work, Stockhausen and Boulez required her tapes to use during lessons and seminars held throughout Europe.

Woman in Electronic Music

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Hashman Deejay - Samba

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