Es el sonido de su mundo derrumbándose._______________________________________
Habt ihr das gehört?___________________________________
Das ist der Klang ihrer Welt die zusammenbricht._______________________________________
Did you hear it?_________________________________________
It is the Sound of their world collapsing.

http://urbass.bandcamp.com _________________________


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BunZer0: “In the second half of the eighties electronic sounds were more and more present in the underground music. When I was checking a video tape released by PIAS dedicated to Electronic Body Music I discovered the tune “Strapped Down” by Meat Beat Manifesto. It blew me away and since that day my love for Jack Dangers’ work never faded away. So here is a tribute mix covering MBM’s music from 1988 till today, including some stuff from his collaborative sideproject called Tino.”


1. Meat Beat Manifesto - I Got The Fear Without Jack
2. Meat Beat Manifesto - Cutman
3. Meat Beat Manifesto - God O.D.
4. Meat Beat Manifesto - Strap Down
5. Meat Beat Manifesto - Dog Star Man
6. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon
7. Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche OUT vERSION 1
8. Meat Beat Manifesto - Retrograde pt2 We R 1
9. Meat Beat Manifesto - Edge Of No Control pt1
10. Meat Beat Manifesto - Nuclear Bomb
11. Tino - Hey Drummer U Want Some ?
12. Tino - Sunday Dub
13. Tino - Kick Exercise
14. Tino - Kickit Dub
15. Meat Beat Manifesto - It’s The Music
16. Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup
17. Meat Beat Manifesto - Fragments
18. Meat Beat Manifesto - Hello Teenage America
19. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon Space Children Intro Mix
20. Meat Beat Manifesto - Spanish Vocoder
21. Meat Beat Manifesto - Zombie
22. Meat Beat Manifesto - My Son The DJ The Forger

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